Volixer™ Technology

VOLIXER™ Principle Of Operation


The VOLIXER technology is an amazing new way to charge water with life-force using the principles discovered by Viktor Schauberger in the 1920’s.

Indeed, Viktor Schauberger found that he could send spring water down the mountain in wooden troughs while inserting wooden obstacles in the flow so that the water would turbulently vortex repeatedly along the way, charging itself up in the complex fields of the planet Earth, during the long time that it would take for the water to arrive in the lower altitudes.

His great discovery was his observation that when this “living water”, as it was later called, was used to irrigate the forest, the trees would grow much faster and healthier.

Our VOLIXER technology uses the spinning action of a blender to produce a turbulent water vortex in a container that has proprietary VOLIXER charging capsules attached around its perimeter. The charging capsules do not wear out and do not require maintenance. The blender should be properly maintained in the manner appropriate for such common kitchen appliances.

During the vortex action, the water speeds past the charging capsules and accumulates very substantial amounts of chi/life force in the form of bio-magnetic energy. Although the charging capsule incorporate magnetic effects, the charging process has a great deal more proprietary complexity In effect, the water becomes “living water”, as occurs inside of living cells, complete with strongly defined hexagonal clusters. Using this technology, one can produce in a few minutes the same effect that took weeks to accumulate in the Austrian forest, with the same or even bigger astounding benefits to all living systems.

It is important to note the benefit of the hexagonal water clusters that are achieved through the use of the Volixer. This altered molecular structure allows for improved assimilation of the water and nutrients for enhanced bioavailability. The hexagonal water clusters form large structures surrounding the nano-minerals, which helps the cell recognize the minerals. These large structures operate in a fashion that is similar to organic plant chelation but with greater availability for the cells.
Still, with our continued improved understanding of modern physics, we can add some additional context to the explanation of the operation of the VOLIXER. This section is not intended to add value to the benefits of using the VOLIXER, but rather to satisfy the intellectual curiosity that occurs naturally, when presented with such an unusual device as the VOLIXER.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the world has known about Einstein’s theory of special relativity which explains many effects that occur in the 4-dimensional space-time formed by the 3 coordinates of a material point and by the time variable of this point. One of the powers of special relativity is that it predicts and explains the occurrence of electromagnetic fields, 6 of them, being 3 electric field plus 3 magnetic field components. In recent years, however, new phenomena have appeared that do not seem to be well described by special relativity.

Spurred by these discoveries, a number of researchers were led to speculate that there should be a more complex theory of relativity that would replace the single material point (with its 3 space location coordinates) of special relativity by a more complex object that has a finite volume, namely a tetrahedron, with its 4 apexes, each with 3 coordinates, for a total of 12 space-like coordinates. Adding time to the description now gives a 12 + 1 = 13-dimensional space-time that is called tetrahedral relativity. This more complex relativity has added 9 dimensions to special relativity. These dimensions are “internal” dimensions to matter and as such are not readily observable, yet they have important consequences.

One such consequence is that one can look into the issue of what electromagnetic theory might look like in tetrahedral relativity. A most surprising result of such an inquiry is that electromagnetism now has 14 fields, instead of the previous 6 of special relativity. Further, these 14 fields break up into 2 groups of 7 fields. The first group of 7 consists of 3 electric fields, 1 gravitational field and 3 magnetic fields. All these 7 fields are well known from contemporary modern physics. The second group, however, is much more mysterious. It consists of 3 bio-electric fields, 1 bio-gravitational field and 3 bio-magnetic fields. The qualifier “bio” is added to remind us of the fact that this second group of seven fields has properties that much more reminiscent of living systems than of traditional electromagnetic fields. In particular these fields carry memory of their history and once created, can not be destroyed, they can only be transformed. Thus they are extremely long-lived and some of them have the actual age of our Universe, billions of years, it is believed. It is believed by some that this constitutes an ab-initio unification of physics and biology.

Now, returning to our discussion of the principle of operation of the VOLIXER, it stands to reason that the charging capsules can interact with the vortexing fluid in such a way as to extract from the planet itself, substantial amounts of the 7 bio-fields of tetrahedral relativity. We further believe that there are complex combinations of these 7 bio-fields that can and do generate what we call chi or life-force. Psychics will sometimes say that they can see “etheric light” or life-force around living systems. We believe that they are quite right and that what they perceive, whether or not it is perceived with the same eyes that the rest of us have, is precisely these combinations of the 7 bio-fields of tetrahedral relativity, that are often referred to as etheric light, chi, or life-force.


Volixer H2O Potency Test

Unique Potency Tests for Volixer Water

Volixer water that is reconstituted by following the directions on the label has been shown to have unique chemical properties in a test called the 17O NMR line width test. This test detects the line width of water clusters and this line width has been associated with the number of molecules in a water cluster.

Larger water clusters exhibit a larger line width. Casual water from various sources has been seen to have a measured line width as large as 150 Hz and most tap waters have line widths around 120 Hz. These widths are believed to correspond to water clusters with up to 25 water molecules per cluster. By contrast, biological water from the blood plasma or the lymph or fresh raw milk or cellular interior water usually shows a line width around 65 Hz which is believed to correspond to clusters having around 6-7 water molecules.

Fresh spring water, untouched by any metal, as it comes from the source, will often show a line width around 63-65 Hz. Thus, children of yore who only consumed fresh raw milk and fresh spring water would grow up without ever experiencing casual water with its very large water clusters. For this reason it is believed that our digestive system has partially lost its ability to convert casual water into the small water clusters needed to irrigate the cells and the body.

Volixer water has tested at around 49-52 Hz line width, something observed for the first time ever. One consequence of this is that all living systems, including plants, find it most easy to assimilate this water and increase their growth rate.

Another property of our water is that the trace mineral profile (excluding the sodium which is removed using a natural process) is close to that of blood plasma. This means that over 80 trace elements are present in our water. In addition, we include alkaline mineral buffers that can drive the pH of the lymph up towards the alkaline region.

A test of Volixer water is that of bioetheric/homeopathic activation. However, there are no chemistry or physics tests that detect the presence of this type of energy. Instead, tests with plant growth have universally confirmed that our water has the highest bioetheric/homeopathic energy properties, short of an actual living biological system. As an example, plants show a dramatic growth increase when watered with Volixer water.

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