SEA Cleanse™

ES_sea_cleanse_croppedFull body cleanse for an instant detoxification!


SEA Cleanse™ naturally renews your body from the inside out, eliminating toxins and excess waste for a fresh start. This unique magnesium cleanse is one of the highest quality, least expensive, most assimilated magnesium supplements on the market. Sea Cleanse acts as a digestive aid help to extract optimum nutrition from consumed food, thus contributing to weight loss. With 500+ mineral compound varieties, you gain while you lose! All while also helping to eliminate candida and fungus. Sea Cleanse  should be consumed with food to minimize digestive disturbances.






Benefits of Sea Cleanse™:

When used according to the instructions, Sea Cleanse can offer the following benefits:

• Acts as a digestive aid • Softens calcified intestinal matter
• Weight loss • Helps eliminate candida and fungus
• Helps raise the body pH • Helps restore organ functionality
• Dissolves calcium deposits   Cleanses the colon of wastes and toxins
•  Eliminates body waste buildup without harsh chemical laxatives • Aids the liver’s natural detoxification process

What to Expect from Sea Cleanse:

The main result is to have greater efficiency of the digestive system for improved assimilation of food. Beyond that, Sea Cleanse will supply advanced decalcification of all the systems in the body, as this calcification is an important cause of premature aging. In addition, the proliferation of candida and fungus in the body will be greatly reduced.

Product Description

The mineral profile of Sea Cleanse is similar to the mineral profile of healthy blood plasma, including over 80 minerals as they occur naturally in the ocean. In addition, there are organic radicals that are added because they are suppliers of hydrogen ions, which facilitate these minerals in detoxifying the tissues and eliminating unwanted fungi from the body.
The product has reduced sodium content and increased magnesium content. This acts together with the hydrogen ions, to dissolve accumulated calcium in the soft tissues.
Sea Cleanse uses advanced laboratory technologies to appropriately blend the large number of ocean minerals with ascorbate (vitamin C), bicarbonate, citrate and malate radicals to produce relatively rare chemical species that facilitate, by their diversity, the improved operation of the cellular metabolism, including removal of unwanted minerals such as excess calcium from the soft tissues.
In addition, the Volixer™ technology restructures the large water clusters in Sea Cleanse into smaller hexagonal water clusters. These hexagonal water clusters will wrap around the nano-minerals and form onion-like water layers around the minerals. This is a form of water-chelation that magnifies the effective size of the nano-minerals so the cells that have a use for them can find them with less effort.

One reason for this easier penetration is that the small hexagonal water clusters that form the water cage have a similar structure to the ones found inside the cells. Thus, these water-wrapped minerals are perceived by our cells as much closer to what is natural for them in using minerals for their processes. This generally decreases any cellular stress in using them.

As a result of this complex structure for the minerals and the water around them, Sea Cleanse permeates the cells very readily.


How to use Sea Cleanse™:

General Use: The basic purpose of Sea Cleanse is to be a digestive aid that prevents the accumulation of fecal matter in the intestine by insuring more complete digestion of food. For this application, add ½ teaspoon of Sea Cleanse to food or drink with meal, 3 times a day.

For faster elimination of Candida and Fungus: Add 1 teaspoon of Sea Cleanse to food or drink with meal, 3 times a day.
For rapid intestinal detoxification: Add 2 tablespoons of Sea Cleanse to organic juice and drink this 3 times a day or more along with a meal. This may have a digestive disturbance. When this happens, stop the Sea Cleanse intake and wait for the digestion to be restored. Resume the dosage as soon as possible but after 10 days of treatment, wait at least another month before repeating this rapid cleanse protocol.



distilled water, dextrose, full spectrum sea minerals, over 300 different mineral bicarbonates, ascorbates, malates and citrates, plus low pH hydrogen ions, all activated using advanced laboratory techniques.

Disclaimer: Sea Cleanse is a treated ocean minerals solution for enhancing the operation of the digestive system. It has not been approved as a drug or medical program to cure, mitigate or prevent any disease and is not intended to replace appropriate care by your licensed medical practitioner.