SEAson Flavor Mist™

Half the sodium, twice the flavor of standard table salt!

Excite your taste buds and discover enhanced health benefits from the ocean, while delivering 84+ necessary minerals for a balanced diet and healthy body. SEAson™ flavor and mineral mist is an all-natural, low sodium, nutraceutical food and beverage spray that is a mineral-balanced substitution for regular table salt. SEAson Flavor Mist is a unique alternative salt solution of concentrated ocean water with half of the sodium removed using a natural, patented vacuum extraction process. Additionally, SEAson Flavor Mist contains trace minerals that are typically missing from common and/or regular table salt or standard sea salt.

Our unique process converts these minerals into biologically preferred molecular structures with an enhanced speed and efficiency of nutrient delivery. We refer to these as ‘Volamins’ (‘VOL’ixer ‘A’ctivated ‘MIN’erals). These Volamin trace minerals facilitate important enzymatic cellular reactions. As a result, a smaller amount goes a long way. SEAson Flavor Mist may be used wherever salt would normally be used on all raw or cooked foods and beverages.button-order


Benefits of SEAson Flavor Mist:

Mineral balanced alternative to table salt Ideal for health conscious individuals
All natural food with superior nutritional balance Stimulates the kidneys and facilitates removal of toxins
Enhances the taste of any food or drink Produced in a natural, patented vacuum extraction process
Supplies over 84 primary and trace minerals sourced from the Okinawa ocean environment Pure, natural and beyond organic with NO added chemicals or preservatives
Improves digestion Contains no known allergens
Enhances nutritional value of food Gluten free
Reduces water retention Vegan



What to Expect from using SEAson Flavor Mist:

SEAson Flavor Mist enhances the taste and nutritional value to any food or drink to which it is added. In addition, it can help reduce water retention. If you crave a lot of salt and have been using refined salt or refined salt products, substituting SEAson Flavor Mist for salt in your diet should lessen cravings after several weeks. Conversely, if you experience extreme sugar cravings and have a diet high in refined sugar / alcohol, adding Volamin Flavor Concentrate to these foods before consumption should reduce these cravings.

The exclusive use of SEAson Flavor Mist in replacement of all dietary salt will result in a far lower intake of sodium. Subsequently, those who are making a conscious effort to decrease the negative side effects of sodium loading in the diet will find that these negative effects will decrease over time. When added in small quantities to all types of drinks, the digestive stress of ingesting these drinks is minimized.

Recommended Usage:

SEAson Flavor Mist is a powerful, natural health mineral supplement with many uses and applications. It should be used as a flavoring medium alternative to salt, as desired. This may safely replace all forms of dry or wet salts and may be used during or after the cooking process and in beverages. For best results, SEAson Flavor Mist should be added after the cooking process to avoid overheating which can destroy the biologically-preferred molecular water structure.

As a Salt Substitute/Flavor Enhancement: Spray desired amount onto foods or into drinks of all kinds. The flavor of vegetable foods and juices are clearly enhanced with just a few sprays. Additionally, the taste profile of fruits and fruit juices can be heightened. Often, the sweetness of fruits that are otherwise low-sugar will be enhanced.

As a Digestive Aid: Spray small amounts of SEAson Flavor Mist into tea, coffee, beer or other beverages to decrease the digestive stress associated with ingesting any food or drink.

For Drinking Water (when traveling): Add ¼ tsp of SEAson Flavor Mist to 1 quart of drinking water, from any source, and shake well. Let rest for a few minutes prior to drinking. This will improve the taste and hydration ability of the water that you have access to, while assisting with digestion.

In Infant Formulas: Add ¼ tsp of SEAson Flavor Mist to 1 quart of infant formula. This may facilitate digestion. Some infants may respond positively to this by showing a greater resistance to infections. Of course, when the infant is breastfed, a similar effect may be obtained if the mother consumes water treated in this manner. For enhanced benefits, use Volixer Water made from Volixer Water Concentrate.

How SEAson Flavor Mist Works:

We note again that the Volamins™ minerals in SEAson Flavor Mist occur in their most natural state where they are charged, living minerals that are bioavailable and soluble in water. In addition, the Volamins within the Concentrate occur naturally as they would in the ocean, in ratios similar to healthy human blood plasma without synthetically produced compounds or toxic heavy metals. Volamins are used by our physiology to facilitate hundreds of complex cellular reactions. This tends to adjust the body’s (or cells) physiology for a feeling of greater well-being.

When food or drink is ingested that has a mineral profile similar to that of blood plasma, the digestive system has a much easier time distributing the minerals to the cells, or eliminating the surplus to the kidneys. By comparison, when there is an excess of sodium chloride (common table salt) and a lack of other minerals in the food, the burden on the digestive system is increased. In this case, the digestive system is called upon to perform an additional function of eliminating the excess sodium chloride, hence digestion is often compromised.

Over the eras, diluted seawater has been used to flavor food. The mineral profile of natural seawater, being very similar to the mineral profile of blood plasma, made it very easy and desirable to metabolize that form of flavoring. The electromagnetic properties of seawater have also evolved considerably over the millennia. In recognition of this effect, SEAson Flavor Mist is processed using the Volixer technology. This unique water treatment technology creates a biologically preferred molecular configuration that enhances the speed and efficiency of nutrient delivery. This restructured configuration of the concentrate contains large numbers of water chelated minerals that use hexagonal water clusters. This can greatly decrease cellular stress in metabolizing the foods that we consume. As a result of this complex structure, the concentrate acquires a more intense flavoring ability than sodium chloride alone. This leads to more flavoring being obtained with less sodium. In some cases, the SEAson Flavor Mist can enhance the sweetness component of our food.


distilled water, organic (contains carbon) and inorganic (has no carbon) sea minerals, in proportions similar to blood plasma, but with half the sodium and bioetherically activated using the Volixer™ processing technology.

Disclaimer: SEAson™ Flavor Mist is a whole, functional food for enhancing the flavor of food while supporting general state of health. It has not been approved as a drug or medical program to cure, mitigate or prevent any disease and is not intended to replace appropriate care by your licensed medical practitioner.