ES_sea_o_dine_croppedBalance your hormones and revitalize your endocrine system!

SEA-Odine™ is a natural iodine supplement that provides maximum impact to boost metabolism, boost energy, boost immunity, and enhance overall health. Just 8 drops supplies approximately 10 mg of iodine – 80 times more than the RDA recommendation of 150mcg. What’s more, this formulation minimizes potential allergy reactions, which is often a challenge of other iodine products.button-order


Benefits of SEA-Odine™:

Supports healthy thyroid function Balances hormones 
Helps regulate weight and metabolism Rapidly absorbed by the body
Stabilizes the endocrine system Boosts energy levels (when iodine is deficient) 
Suppresses auto-immunity Improves emotional well-being 
Minimizes allergic reactions often caused by other iodine supplements Assists in preventing radiation poisoning from Iodine 139
Provides a solution for Vegans that lack iodine Helps fight skin infections (natural antiseptic)
Assists in the removal of heavy metal contamination (i.e. lead and mercury) Strengthens immunity — allowing for resistance and recovery
Removes toxic chemicals and biological toxins (i.e. fluoride, bromide, aluminum) Decreases arthritic pains


Why is SEA-Odine™ Iodine so important?

Iodine is a vital nutrient for good health. Its primary role in the body is to balance the endocrine system along with its most active gland, the thyroid, where most of our body’s iodine is stored. In fact, every cell of the body contains and utilizes iodine. Thyroid hormones, with iodine as an essential ingredient, are necessary for metabolic rate, cellular metabolism, and play a critical role in energy production. Thyroid hormones are also essential for fertility health and are crucial for healthy skin, eyes and nerve function.

Unfortunately, iodine is a rare element that is mostly missing from the diet of Western societies. The most common symptoms of iodine deficiency include fatigue, feeling cold, weight gain, muscle aches and pains, hair loss, water retention, constipation and brain fog. There are many causes for this widespread deficiency among the population. Major contributing factors include diets lacking in ocean fish or sea vegetables and high intake of bromine / bromides (which are added to commercial baked goods and breads.) Moreover, we are exposed daily to a number of chemicals that displace iodine or disrupt its key functions within the body including, but not limited to: fluorine / fluorides (e.g., fluoride in toothpaste), chlorine / chlorides, mercury, aspirin and other salicylates, steroids and unfermented soy products. These iodine ‘disruptors’ compete for uptake with iodine in the body, thereby contributing to iodine deficiency. With all this daily exposure, it’s no wonder that 90% of the American population suffer from a deficiency of iodine! Sea-Odine helps you easily transition from state of iodine deficiency to achieving optimal iodine levels – fast!

SEA-Odine™ utilizes a proprietary iodine extraction process to maintain the highest purity standards. The seaweed is extracted in a monatomic form and is then dissolved in pure ethyl alcohol. The iodine is then activated electromagnetically to ensure rapid absorption in the body with minimal, if any, side effects. This method presents a much lower risk of iodine overdose because it allows the body to eliminate what it doesn’t need.


What to Expect from Taking SEA-Odine ™:

People who take Sea-Odine regularly report that they have a greater sense of well-being, increased energy, and sharper mental clarity. They are more tolerable to cold environments, require less sleep, have improved skin complexion, and experience more regular bowel movements.

One of the most obvious effects will be the greater ability to manage one’s emotional states. This happens by improving the balance of the endocrine system. This effect is usually observed earlier in females than in men due to the complex hormonal dynamics of the female physiology.


Recommended Usage:

The entire body, not just the thyroid, needs iodine especially under times of high stress. Often women have a higher iodine need than men and are subsequently more likely to be deficient. Additionally, iodine is particularly important to the fetus during the first 3 months of pregnancy for development of the nervous system.

For optimal wellness, iodine levels should be around 12.5 mg a day, which is an amount similar to what the Japanese consume (a culture that is known for their well-being.) Sea-Odine™ supplies approximately 10 mg of iodine per an 8-drop dosage (240 drops per bottle).

For rapid restoration: Start by taking 1 drop of SEA-Odine in water or juice on the first day. Titrate up to 1 drop every day until the total daily intake is around 25 drops, or a flushing sensation is experienced. Subsequent to this occurring, reduce the number of drops by 2 per day, until the maintenance dose of 4-8 drops is achieved.

For maintenance: Start by taking 1 drop of SEA-Odine in water on the first day. Increase by 1 drop every day until the total daily intake is around 4-8 drops.

Of Note: The reason why users may require different dosages of SEA-Odine depends on each person’s unique physiology, which can recycle iodine at different rates. Some users may require an increased intake to function properly. Another consideration is that other minerals sometimes present in the diet, such as fluorine and bromine, which can interfere with the proper operation of whatever iodine is present in the diet.


Ingredients:pure ethyl alcohol and mono-atomic iodine. The product is activated with the support of electromagnetic energy.


Disclaimer: SEA-Odine™ is an activated iodine supplement for balancing the endocrine system. It has not been approved as a drug or medical program to cure, mitigate or prevent any disease and is not intended to replace appropriate care by your licensed medical practitioner.